About us

The Center for Migrants in Tyrol (ZeMiT) was established as a Non-Profit Organisation in 1985. From the very beginning, the main task of the ZeMiT has been the confidental, independent and multilingual consultation, free of charge, for immigrants and migrants, regarding legal and social inquiries in Innsbruck as well as in several other Tyrolean cities. Labour market integration is of special concern for the ZeMiT as a partner organisation of the Labour Market Service Tyrol (AMS).
Since 2012, the ZeMiT additionally offers consultation in form of the AST – Counseling Center for recognition of qualifications held in foreign countries. For further information click on the following link: AST

Since 1995, the ZeMiT regularly develops and works on national and international projects related to the topics of immigration, social integration, labour market, youth, racism and anti-discrimination. Multiple projects have been conducted so far, e. g. the „project „JOIN IN - Chancen für die Integration von jugendlichen MigrantInnen in Tirol“ („JOIN IN- chances for the integration of youth migrants in Tyrol“) (2005-2007), the Interreg project „Diversity4kids“ (2012-2014), the ESF- project „ElternWissen – gemeinsam stark“ (2012-2014) or the project „Erinnerungskulturen“ (2014-ongoing), funded by the European Integration Fund, the Government of Tyrol and the city of Innsbruck. The ZeMiT has a broad international network of institutions and stake holders and was able to acquire expert status in the areas migration and immigration. For further information, click on the following link: Projects

One of the important ongoing projects of the ZeMiT is the establishment of the IMZ - Information and Monitoring Center on Migration and Integration in Tyrol“.The IMZ is a service and information center with scientific background. The objective of the project is to gather application-oriented data on migration and integration and to make it available for other institutions, projects and interested individuals. For further information please visit the website www.imz-tirol.at.

The ZeMiT is contributing importantly to the integration and participation of migrants and to a better understanding of integration and migration processes. We will keep on speaking up against discrimination and racism and will continue to fight for equal treatment and cultural diversity.